Cultural Slams as Sports Mascots

The other day someone posted a link to an image with a number of mock derogatory racial/cultural sports icons plus the logo of the Redskins football team. Quilt by association I guess. OK I get how someone might be offended by naming a team something like the Redskins. But really if they are not also offended and upset by the Vikings, the 49ers, the Patriots, the Rangers, or Buccaneers I have to wonder.

Should I as someone of Scandinavian heritage be offended by a team naming itself after the Vikings? Not exactly the proudest era in history. If the people who are upset about the Redskins are not also protesting the Vikings why not? Why are American Indians good enough to fight for and Norwegians not?

So seriously I can’t take people who complain about American Indian mascots if  they are not also against the teams I named above as serious. Well perhaps they are serious but they are also hypocrites.

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