Would Be Experts

So I get followed by all sorts of people on Twitter. Fairly often these random followers claim to be search engine optimization experts. They also often have lots of Twitter followers. Today when one such follower showed up I decided to search for his name using my search engine of choiceBing. He didn’t even show up on the first page. I did use the other big search engine and he did show up near the bottom of the first page of that search.

But it seems to me that an expert in SEO should appear at least in the top half of the page in both search engines. Am I wrong?

2 Responses to “Would Be Experts”

  1. Matt says:

    I find SEO to be an intriguing field. A few of us in my office have taken up a casual interest in learning more about SEO to help boost our search-driven traffic. After a few months of reading pointers, I’ve come to feel like I’m nearly as well-qualified as a lot of SEO experts.

    One of them — who anecdotal evidence suggests is actually mistaken about some of what he says — charges four digits an hour.

  2. Matt says:

    Also — mention “SEO” explicitly on Twitter and you’ll get some more followers. Same with “CCNA,” I found.

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