Sports Fans

I saw a license plate last week that said NYYSTNK which I interpret as “New York Yankees Stink” based on sounding it out and the Red Sox stickers that were also on the car. I think that is just so very sad. Someone went a long way not to raise up their own team but to put down another team.

I feel the same way about those stickers in cars that show a nasty little boy urinating on product logs of cars or other companies. That’s just immature. What sort of message are people who do that sending? What are they saying about themselves? Are they bringing favorable impressions of the teams/products they like or unfavorable impressions? To me the latter. It just offends me. It is so different from what we say we try to teach children.

Praise and promote your team all you want. Wear their logos. Fly their flags. Cheer when they do well and cry when they do poorly. But avoid putting the other teams down. It’s about sportsmanship people.

Full disclosure: Having been born in NY and raised in Brooklyn I am a long time Yankees fan. But I’d have been just as disappointed in a plate that said RDSXSTNK. Probably more so because I expect better behavior from Yankee’s fans than Red Sox fans after living in New England so long.

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