Axe Gratia Artis

Roughly “axe for arts sake.” What? Well following a Twitter link I arrived at the Best Made Company web site. They make axes. hand made and hand painted axes that are really works of art. Expensive of course. I’m not sure that I would use one if I had one. One can get a very reasonable axe for under $50 and these axes start at $200 and go up in price quickly. But they sure are pretty.

I wonder if they are really making a go of this as a business. I hope so actually. I like the idea of custom items that are appreciated as much for their beauty as their functionality. It’s actually the sort of business I’d like to be in. To me making things is the best sort of work. Not that their is anything wrong with other sorts of work like services for example. It’s all good. But there is something basic about making things that strikes me as right for me.

Custom work – art if you will – is especially interesting because it looks so easy but we know it is not. There is a talent for design and for creativity. Not just everyone could make a custom axe that people would want to buy and display. We need more of that sort of thing I think because without it we’d be too focused on need and not enough on want. The pursuit of happiness begins when people have what they need and can start working on what they want.

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  1. Matt says:

    That’s pretty interesting, but kind of weird to me. Some of the axes look like they’d be better displayed in a case than used to actually chop things up.

    Kind of like those really shiny axes at firehouses.

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