Obama in the News

This is pretty cool. They have hundreds of newspapers from November 5th from around the world on one screen. Actually Obama didn’t make the front page of all of them. In some parts of the world local news seems to have been more important.

Zoom in and read any of them. Works best with a scroll wheel but you can get by with the navigation aides on the top left of the screen and clicking.

2 Responses to “Obama in the News”

  1. Matt says:

    Silverlight doesn’t work on Linux. 😛

    It’s interesting to see how many foreign countries are paying attention to our election, though. The election of a new head of state, even somewhere like the UK, probably wouldn’t be front page news here, and most people probably wouldn’t care. A neat reminder of what a role the US still plays in the world.

  2. Mr T says:

    Moonlight works on Linux. MSFT is helping the open source team working on it.

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