Dancing With The Stars

Yes it’s true – I watch Dancing With the Stars. Let’s pretend that I do it just to watch what ever my wife is watching. One of the things I have noticed though is that the professional athletes on the show tend to do very well. One sort of expects the entertainers, especially the singers, to do well. They are after all professional entertainers. And actors are good at pretending to be someone/something else. But sports stars?

Last night I realized why. The athletes work very hard and they take instructions well. I’m sure it helps that they are in shape but I’m also sure that dancing uses a lot of different muscles. But these are people who are used to hard, physical work and do not back away from it. They are goal oriented and when they have a coach (or dance instructor) who clearly knows how to help them win they pull out all the stops to train.

This is something I sort of knew about for sports but didn’t really see the value in beyond sports. But I’m starting to see some real advantage to learning how to work hard and take coaching that sports provides. Something to think about.

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