I’ve gotten a little frustrated lately with some things I would like to blog about but can’t. It’s not that anyone is telling me not to but rather I know it would not go well for me. There are some things that is just not helpful to talk about in public. By that I mean there is no foreseeable gain in doing so. In fact the only possible outcome of any note is that people who are important to me will get upset. Well not all the people who might get upset are important to me directly but they are important to people who I do care about.

Nothing illegal of course. Blowing something illegal out into the open would be a good thing. So mostly I am talking about things that are just embarrassing to people or perhaps more truth then some people can handle. What is the point of getting people upset if there is no potential upside?

I’m not talking about work either. Well not completely. See part of the problem is that when you work for a company anything you blog (or even say) is likely to be taken as official company statements. Especially by lawyers and by idiots. (Did I just repeat myself?) So for example there is no way I want to comment on any matters that involve the company and legal actions. Not even if I agree completely with the company.

And there are lots of cases where I don’t really want to talk about friends but sort of I do. Again things are open to misinterpretation and there is risk in being too open. Some things really just don’t belong blasted all over the Internet but not being able to tell anyone is frustrating at time.

I’ve just seen too many cases of casual remarks and personal opinion twisted in ways they are not intended. Some day when I am retired I might blog about some of this stuff but when I think about it maybe not even then. After all I want people to be able to trust that I can in fact keep things private. This being a grown up stuff spoils a lot of fun.

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