Is This What Evil Looks Like?

I just came across a blog called Microspotting which is all about short interviews with Microsoft employees. The author is giving away some shirts to ‘softies that say “I am the empire” which is sort of a cool idea. It sort of says “that evil empire you are talking about is me” and puts a personal face to it. I’ve suggested spelling it out and having a shirt that says “does this look like the face of evil to you?” But I’m not sure that’s exactly how I want to say it.

My job is largely to put a personal face on Microsoft – show people we’re not all bad and evil and out to take over the world. I have found that a little humor goes a long way. Some people seem not expect Microsoft employees to actually have a sense of humor. But really we do.

2 Responses to “Is This What Evil Looks Like?”

  1. Matt says:

    That’s actually a cool idea. Maybe it’s because I’m a business student, but I’ve always been annoyed at the people who hate big businesses in general. Yes, some of them are evil, but as you say, the people aren’t. (Err, and I’m not suggesting Microsoft is evil, either.)

    Another place you see this, actually, is the weird, misguided Americans who literally hate our soldiers? Lots of us want the war to end, but these people are so angry about the war that they extend their hatred to the military, and then to the soldiers…

    I think the same thing happens to people like Walmart and Microsoft. Walmart isn’t that great to its employees and (inadvertently) destroys small businesses. Microsoft has done some monopoly-ish things in the past. (And written some pretty crappy software, although that’s mostly in the past, too.) So it’s easy to take that and extend it to a, “Walmart is evil” and “Microsoft is evil.” And then you take it one step further and assume all their employees are in on it. (Which is ironic with Walmart, because the employees are the “victims” in a sense?)

    I don’t think you’re evil just because you work for Microsoft. 😉

  2. Mr. T says:

    Yes I am sure there are other reasons you think I’m evil. 🙂

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