Observations from DisneyWorld

So I am at DisneyWorld this week. Having a great time but spending a lot more money than I expected. Still it is worth it.

I’m doing a lot of people watching and noticing things. Here then are a few random observations:

  • The more skin people show the more likely they are to have a sun burn. Probably not a surprise but at the same time “sun screen people?”
  • Lots of little girls (under 12) in skirts and dresses. And that isn’t including the princess outfits.
  • One almost never sees a teenaged girl in a skirt or dress. Well except for the scores of cheerleaders here for some competition over the week end.
  • Lots of young mom’s (say 20 something) in skirts.
  • Lots of men and boys wearing shorts. Not me though – if it is too hot to go out in long pants its too hot to go out. Unless it is more than 80% humility and 90 degrees warm (both) I am more comfortable in long pants. Shorts for men are for swimming and other athletic activity.
  • People who probably never wear hats at all will wear silly hats at Disney. I wonder how many of them will wear these hats at home? Me? I bought a hat I can wear anywhere. I like hats. (Much more than caps.)
  • There are lots of families here with 3 or more kids. Small kids. How do they do it?
  • Smiles and good service make trips like this better. Disney knows how to provide good service. I wish more companies took lessons from them. Of course it also makes is less painful to spend money so companies should want to take these lessons.

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