Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

So did you buy it yet? Mrs. T and I were there at the Water Street Bookstore in Exeter for the special midnight opening. My plan was to take it home and read it right away. I figured that I could get it finished by breakfast. Alas age seems to be catching up with me and by 2:30AM I was tired and having trouble concentrating. I decided it make more sense to finish it after a good night’s sleep. So with dreams related to the story I slept.

Good thing it was Saturday and I have an understanding wife. I read much of the day. And then, alas, I had to put the book down for a while to bring my nieces to a friend’s house. An hour and a half lost. When I returned home I continued to read as I cooked steaks for dinner. And then more after dinner. With 90 pages left I had to put it down again because I had committed to go to a birthday party. Ahhh!

At the party there were more than a few people who were in various stages of reading the book. One person, the main organizer of the party, had purchased the book but made a decision not to start reading it until after the party was done. Probably a good decision on her part as the book would have been a huge draw from the party planning.

And then I was home and an hour later the book was read. A bitter sweet time. I loved the story but it was sad to realize that the series is over. The story of Harry Potter has been told. At least the book was 769 full pages of interesting, well-written story. It seemed like it went fast but it did take time. I hate books that are too short. But what now?

I may read this one again. I don’t often re-read books but I have re-read several of the Harry Potter books. There is so much in them – so many details – so many plot lines – so much to take in.

Well at least there are two more movies to come. It will be interesting to see how they play out. The recent movie was pretty good. But of course there is much to much in the books to include everything. Perhaps I’ll read books five and six again.

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  1. trokair says:

    I thought it was a fitting end to the series, but I’m thinking I’m going to go back and re-read the other books one more time. There were certainly enough obscure references to the previous novels in book seven.

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