No Soap Radio

The brilliant Scott Adams (a little suck up in case he sees this link) had an interesting blog post about soap. The problem has to do with bars of soap that get too small to be comfortable but not wanting to waste anything by tossing away the small bars. His readers had already made all of the suggestions I was going to make before I got there. But that just meant I had new questions.

What about those tiny little bars of soap they give you in hotels. I find them to be already too small. I do use them of course because I really don’t want to carry my own soap. I could carry my own soap as they make nice plastic travel boxes for bar soap. But you never know if they are going to open up and get everything wet and soapy. Sometimes soap takes a while to dry out after using. And what if the TSA decides to do something to the soap? I mean they probably don’t have time to mess with things like that but what if some disgruntled TSA inspector decided to spit on my soap while he was inspecting my suit case? Probably never happen. I am sure they pay those people really well and they all really love their jobs. I mean who wouldn’t love searching luggage with a week’s worth of dirty laundry in it?

And of course there is the little matter of the hotel staff cleaning away the used bars (sometimes every day) and wondering about what happens to them. Now there is waste. A couple of uses and those small bars are pretty useless. But sometimes people only stay overnight and take only one shower. Or maybe only wash their hands and face. So there could be lots of life (relatively speaking for such a small bar) left in the bar. Of course one doesn’t really want to reuse a bar that someone else has used. One never knows what has been washed with it. On second thought do you suppose there are people out there who get turned on by using a bar of soap that someone else has used? There are a lot of weird people out there you know.

This brings up another question. Can you wash soap and if so does that make it usable by others? So many questions, so few answers.


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