Can You See Me Now?

Well as quiet as the main page is here I am wondering if anyone even knows about this blog. For some reason I can’t get this one to work with Windows Live Writer. I keep getting a message that “A successful connection was made to your account however the server reported that you do not currently have an active weblog. Please ensure that your account with this provider is current before proceeding.” I keep thinking I should report it to the Windows Live Writer people. And yet Word 2007 is happy as can be to post blogs for me. Go figure.

Other than that I really like this blog format. I am thinking that I may mess with the layout some but that doesn’t have a high priority. Pretty much everything else is just so much easier to maintain and modify.

There is of course the fact that this page doesn’t show up on the main page for the domain. But maybe that is the best. In any case with this post I have the meta posting out of my system so perhaps real posts will show up soon. With or without anyone to read them.

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