I modified the main page a bit. It tries to parse WordPress cookies and see if you’re logged in. If so, it offers a “micro-post” option. A few things you should know…

The first is that these ‘microposts’ are not stored on your real blog. They’re stored in the generic posts table that RSS feeds of individual blogs are dumped into. Right now there’s no way to comment on a micropost, thought I hope to add that capability at some point. (I also thought it’d be neat to add a thumbs-up option to posts, although then I realized that my novel idea was rapidly becoming a clone of Facebook.)

Another thing is that microposts use the way-cool auto_html plugin. (I’ll have to add AJAX preview at some point.) Basically, if you post a link (by just copying-and-pasting the URL), it will linkify it. If it’s a Youtube post, it will actually embed the video. If it detects that it’s an image, it will insert the image. (Sidenote: no resizing is done, since it doesn’t actually download the image. Please don’t include enormous photos.)

My hope isn’t for posts like “sitting in my chair now“, but I find a lot of neat links and such that aren’t really worthy of a full blog post, so I thought I’d experiment with making it easy to share simple links, more along the lines of Tumblr.

There seems to be a parsing error if you mix URLs and images/videos in the same post, so keep things simple. 😉 And let me know what you think — suggestions for enhancements, or pleas to fix anything that I don’t realize is broken, are always welcome.

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