Things I Learned Today

  • The Watertown (MA) RMV is in the Watertown Mall. If you drove by ten times looking for a sign but didn’t see one, that’s because there isn’t one.
  • Tuesday at 1pm is not a time when no one is at the RMV.
  • If your ticket indicates a 33 minute wait, but you worry that the wait might be shorter and thus don’t want to walk to the other end of the mall to grab lunch, don’t worry. Your wait will be considerably more than 33 minutes.
  • If you’re buying a car from a family member, see this page. You may be exempt from sales tax. This saved me a tremendous amount of money, but isn’t mentioned anywhere that you’ll find on the main RMV page about registering a vehicle. Even after at least two hours of researching what was needed on their site, I didn’t know until the attendant at the RMV asked me why I hadn’t filed one.
  • The field on your RMV-1 form asking for your vehicle’s weight should not be filled in. If you were confused because that’s not mentioned anywhere, don’t worry: it’s not mentioned anywhere. The RMV attendant will confirm, in a condescending manner, that you shouldn’t fill it in.
  • When applying for a license, they state that you need “three forms of ID which include: Proof of date of birth, Proof of signature, and Proof of Massachusetts residency.” That’s actually two separate requirements: you need proof of those three things, and you need at least three documents. If you have one document proving your date of birth and signature, and one proving your residency, that won’t cut it, because it’s only two documents. (You can, however, use the vehicle registration that was just issued to you as proof of residency, but you still need two more documents.)
  • When you’re told that she can’t submit your application until you have all three documents and you say you’ll come back another day since you don’t have the required materials, she’ll still submit your application for a license, leaving you extremely confused about the status of your license.

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