Fanboy Double-Dose

This is an interesting post. The police in Denmark have a really spiffy command post that they apparently upgraded in anticipation of all the heads of state coming to the climate summit in Copenhagen. It’s an all-Mac shop.

What’s interesting to me more than anything, though, isn’t just that they use Macs, but that the police have an in-house development team to custom-brew software. (Software for specialized disciplines can be astronomically expensive, so there may actually be good fiscal sense in having your own development team… And you can’t beat the support when you can walk in and talk to the developers.) The desktops have 3x 1TB drives using RAID 5, used to mirror data from the servers. They apparently preferred the BSD kernel to Windows, and found that Macs were far easier to write code for than Linux or straight BSD systems, and since they were writing their own applications anyway, there wasn’t any reason to not use the Mac.

Of course, being not just an Apple fanboy, but also an Obama fanboy, I found this equally as interesting: Obama’s a Mac user, and apparently has a kinda-cool Pacman decal on his laptop. I suppose the first part of what makes this interesting is that the President has a personal computer. There was a lot of buzz around the fact that he had a Blackberry, and now it turns out that he carries his Mac when he’s on the road, and uses the built-in webcam to chat with his family.

Making it clear that they’re fanboys just like me, that site sells the spiffy external hard drives shown in the photo and the Pacman sticker he has on his.

Of course, as has been pointed out before, it’s not like Obama’s apparent affections for Macs isn’t reciprocal.

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