Holiday Wishes

Some people object to the phrase “Happy Holidays,” so I did this instead.

wishes = []

# If someone celebrates no holidays, we need to
# make sure we have a blank array and not nil
reader.holidays_celebrated ||= []

# We can't lump these together because some people celebrate more than one holiday.
if reader.holidays_celebrated.include?(Christmas)
wishes << "Merry Christmas"

# It's transliterated a few different ways so try to include several
if reader.holidays_celebrated.include?(Hanukkah) || reader.holidays_celebrated.include?(חנוכה) || reader.holidays_celebrated.include?(Chanukah)
# I think they're already a few weeks in, but whatever
wishes << "Happy Hanukkah"

if reader.holidays_celebrated.include?(Kwanzaa)
wishes << "Happy Kwanzaa"

if reader.holidays_celebrated.include?(Festivus)
wishes << "Happy Festivus (for the rest of us)"

# This goes for everyone, but we want it at the end so the formatting is right
wishes << "Happy New Year"

# The holiday greetings:
<h1><%= wishes.join(' and ') %></h1>

That’s really not ideal. I think I’d probably prefer to iterate over a hashmap with holidays and the greetings, so that the code would be much cleaner.

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