Google’s Public DNS Servers

Most of you have probably heard about it by now, but Google decided to offer a public DNS server. While some are suspicious (it is a good way to get some neat information), their reasoning appears to be, “We’re crawling pretty much the whole Internet and thus have looked up records for pretty much everybody, and we have a giant CDN in place, so we could offer really good DNS to everybody…”

The documentation appears to suggest that their goal is to keep just about everything in cache and automatically refresh it when the TTL is met.

It turns out that Verizon, like Comcast, serves up their own site/search engine when you hit a non-existent domain name. This is one of those “not a big deal” things that bugs me more than is rational. So I decided to change my router (which provides internal DNS) to use Google’s instead. It turns out that they chose incredibly easy-to-remember IPs: and

3 thoughts on “Google’s Public DNS Servers

  1. Call me paranoid, but I’m extremely sceptical of giving one of largest (if not the largest) online advertising agencies access to a list of every site I visit. :-p

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