Songs I Paid For

I don’t buy much music. I usually listen to the radio in the car, and use Pandora at my computer. And a bit of Youtube if I’m craving a particular song. Plus I have something like 1,500 good songs on my iPod. So for me to buy a song, it has to be amazing. I just bought three.

I’ve posted about my newfound obsession with David Guetta before. A few weeks ago, I bought Love Is Gone, Sexy Chick (if you’re going to listen to one Guetta song, make this it!), and Memories (with Kid Cudi).

Today, I think my choices were a little more mainstream, and I’m convinced enough of their innate awesomeness that I’m wasting space on the blogs to talk about good songs:

  • Guetta’s Love Don’t Let Me Go, which, like Love Is Gone, starts off as a normal, dull song and then gives way to an awesome techno-y beat.
  • Daft Punk’s One More Time
  • Owl City’s Fireflies, even if I am twice as old as the average fan (and of the opposite gender)

Wikipedia calls Fireflies the fastest-selling “electronic” album ever. (The “electronic” music genre, not the distribution channel.)

I tend to not be a big audiophile, but a Youtube video can’t hold a candle to a purchased song’s fidelity. This is an incredibly obvious observation, but it’s something you start to notice a bit more when you purchase a song and play it through good speakers after having heard it through a laptop’s built-in speakers and streamed over Youtube in the past.

In other news, Guetta’s Sexy Chick is apparently #12 on the Billboard Top 100, and has been in the Top 100 for 15 weeks. Don’t say I didn’t forewarn everyone that it was hot. I take full credit for the song’s rapid spread into the United States.

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