Instant Gratification

A lot has been said about how our culture is based on instant gratification. I tend to ignore them, because there’s too much text to read before I get to the conclusion.

I just got back from Ikea, and bought a little $3 basil plant. It has one of those creepy “compressed dirt” tablets that you pour water in and it expands, and a packet of basil seeds. Per the directions, I watered the soil so it expanded, and poured the seeds on top.

The thing that concerns me is that, 15 minutes after pouring the seeds on top, I went to check and see if they had sprouted yet. And rather than thinking I was an idiot, I was kind of just annoyed that Ikea couldn’t make the plant grow faster.

I also watered some plants I bought that were a bit brown on the edges. I assume that they’re healthy and just needed water, but wanted to make sure. Guess what? They’re still brown at the edges 15 minutes after being watered.

What is taking the plants so long?

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