A Few Neat Links

London’s Daily Mail has a fascinating story about Stephen Wiltshire, an artist diagnosed with autism. Often considered a disability, Wiltshire creates enormous sketches of famous skylines. Entirely from memory. In amazing detail.

After marveling at the best of humanity, the worst of humanity is an interesting read, too. In Italy, a Mafia execution in broad daylight was caught on camera in May. The police have released the video in the hopes that someone might drop the dime on who the shooter was. The killing, while chilling*, looks effortless and smooth. The article includes a quote from “Walter Veltroni, who is now a member of the Anti-Mafia Commission.” Something tells me that Mr. Veltroni always sleeps with one eye open.

* Sorry, I wasn’t going for a rhyme there, but I can’t change it now.

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