Facts for a Billboard

It seems I lost the MegaMillions drawing on Friday night. If I ever win, I think I’d like to take out a series of billboard ads displaying random facts that I think everyone should know, yet too many people don’t:

  • Pretty much 100% of spam has a completely forged “From” addresses. Do not reply. Do not complain to the ISP.
  • Your browser’s cache speeds things up and saves you from downloading page elements over and over. You do not need to empty your cache. Doing so will make your computer slower, not faster.
  • Cookies keep you logged into websites. You do not need to delete them.
  • You did not win the Nigerian lottery, or any lottery that you did not enter. It’s a scam.
  • Your bank does not need you to confirm your password. Nor does any other service. It’s a scam.
  • The First Amendment bars the government from censorship. It does not apply to private actors.
  • The First Amendment protects speech. The Second protects arms. Please do not confuse them.
  • The Iraq War was not, and is not, a response to 9/11.
  • “No prayer in schools” prohibits mandatory, school-sanctioned prayer in schools. You can thank the First Amendment for that. It’s the same First Amendment you should thank for the Constitutional right to pray in school if you so choose.
  • / is a slash. is a backslash. Geeks hate it when you get it wrong. Web addresses do not use backslashes.
  • Back up your files regularly. Your hard drive will fail some day.
  • Ctrl+- zooms your browser out. Ctrl++ zooms your browser in. Ctrl+0 reverts to normal zoom. If everything is suddenly big or small, that’s why.
  • “Loser” is a noun and a lame insult. “Looser” is an adjective and does not make sense unless comparing the looseness of two items. If you write “Your a looser,” well, you’re a loser.
  • Barack Obama was born in the United States. He has a birth certificate. Those who claim otherwise are delusional conspiracy theorists.

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