Thinking about the News

A lot of times I see a headline and jump to a conclusion. I think that makes me a typical American. Or probably just a typical human.

But sometimes I actually think about the news and read the whole article. And sometimes I find that it’s actually very important to read news instead of forming strong opinions based on the headline alone.

For example, in Massachusetts, prisoners will get H1N1 vaccines first. My first thought? That’s absurd. Long before any long-abiding, hard-working people can get the vaccine, we’re going to give it to crooks and felons? Except there’s a perfectly-good explanation. If a couple people in prison got it, the entire prison would most likely end up with it. It’s the same reason college dorms are so fanatical about everyone having lots of shots. People live in closer quarters than usual.

But at the end, I was still angry. Except I’m not angry that prisoners are being given the vaccine first. I’m angry that it was on the news. When you understand why, it’s an utter non-news story. The only reason I can see to run the story is to hope to generate outrage and controversy.

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