I not only voted for Obama, but I even spent a month campaigning for him full-time. I still give him high marks.

But I had the following conversation today:

“Did you hear your buddy won the Nobel Peace Prize?”
“For what?”
“Where is there peace?!”

Seriously, can you name one place? We’re currently waging two wars, plus there are myriad minor conflicts at home. Not to mention the threat of a nuclear Iran, crazies at the helm of a lot of other countries, and the continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian saga.

Sure, it’s great to see Obama trying, but I really have to agree with the pundits saying it’s kind of absurd. Let’s wait until I can think of somewhere that’s actually at peace. Though I’ll agree with Obama’s statement, who, CNN reports, said he “viewed the decision less as a recognition of his own accomplishments and more as ‘a call to action.'”

One thought on “Nobel

  1. Apparently some of the rest of the world like this. Although most people in the US seem to think he got it for not being George Bush. This is likely not to be good for him in the short run. I think a lot of people, even supporters, are thinking he hasn’t really done anything to merit this. So there may even be some backlash. But who knows.

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