Although I really don’t like the idea of stirring the hornet’s nest, even if I agree with the stirrer, I have to admit that this guy has a lot of guts. Why? He’s walking through a giant anti-Obama protest. According to the first photo in the series, the man was spit upon, called every name in the book, and encouraged to leave the country. He managed to bring out pure hatred and rage in other people. (Others have noted the irony of the cross around the neck of the woman linked as “pure hatred”.)

This sign, sponsored by these people, is pretty offensive, too. Oh, and this one, too. Other seem to cross the line into death threats. And photos of Obama as Hitler. And while Jimmy Carter wasn’t right about opposition being “mostly” seated in racism, it’s no secret that there’s some racism going on here.

In the end, though, the last photo of the set: “a normal discussion between two people with different points of view.” Can we have more of that and less of this?

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