Questionable Inbox

I’ve used GMail for my primary e-mail account for a few years now. A handful of and mailboxes still forward to a real mailbox. A handful of oft-spammed addresses need to exist, though, so they collect mail. My current setup is geared more towards collecting spam samples than on excellent filtering, so plenty of junk slips through.

Here’s what my Inbox looks like:

Questionable Inbox

Twitter, Eons, and Facebook are real. But I don’t have accounts at any of those banks, and am pretty sure that I didn’t horribly screw up my taxes.

Edit: After neutering the URLs in the links (to not contain unique identifiers, so they couldn’t use it to confirm my e-mail), I was seriously disappointed. Of the ones I’ve checked, Firefox has blocked them all so far, and, if I tell it to view the site despite the warning, the site doesn’t exist, and whois records seem to indicate that many domains have been suspended. Kind of hard to figure out what they’re trying to con me into doing. 🙁

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  1. I wonder how much spam is sent out by companies who know the spam is not going to work but are getting paid by people who think it will. And how much of it is just bad programming? Some of this stuff no one should expect to work.

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