Running a Site

The more I do with websites, the more astounded I am by how much there is that can be done in maintaining a site.

For example, things like server maintenance and moving to a better network are things that one might not traditionally think of as the job of a webmaster. I’ve been doing a lot of SEO, ranging from setting meta keywords, watching Google Analytics, to building XML sitemaps. These, too, are things that don’t normally come to mind, but they’re things you can spend a lot of time on. Right now, I’m toying with Google AdWords to place ads, though only because Google offered me a promotion. (I wouldn’t ordinarily spend money to run ads promoting my personal blogs…)

A big thing I keep coming back to is the realization that maintaining a static HTML site is a nightmare. I run a site with three static pages, but got sick of making changes and having to apply them to all three pages, so I started using server-side includes in PHP for headers, footers, and the navigation bar. But now I want to customize the keywords (in meta tags) per-page, so I’m looking to migrate it to a CMS. I don’t think I would ever create a site in pure HTML these days.

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