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Quantcast eventually collected enough data on visitors to the blogs to generate some statistics on visitors. I know from Google Analytics that 64% of visits come from search engines, and that “returning” visitors only make up 25% of visits, so “we” that post here are in the minority. Still, the results surprised me a bit.

According to Quantcast, the average visitor is an Asian male, aged 35-49, having no (minor) kids, having a graduate degree, and earning under $30,000 a year. That seems statistically improbable. (This actually isn’t entirely accurate: college-educated, but not graduate-level, is the highest demographic, and Caucasians still make up the largest demographic here. But the numbers I went by were compared to the average: the site is considerably more popular with Asians than other sites on the Internet, and somewhat more popular among well-educated, low-income people. Which is perhaps accurate if you consider that many of us have just finished college within the past year or so.

More interestingly, the site is considerably less popular than average with Hispanics, parents with kids under 17, and especially with children 0-17 themselves. Nearly half of all visits were from outside the US, but in terms of DMAs, Boston/Manchester ranks very highly, followed by New York. Waltham is the most popular city, though, followed by Boston.

Another one for stats geeks: just shy of 58% of users are using Firefox, 22% IE, 9% Safari, and almost 4% Chrome. For what it’s worth, other sites seem to have Firefox and IE roughly flipped. Windows accounts for just over 2/3 of all visits; Macs come in at 15.99%, and Linux at a bit over 14%. Fourth place goes to the iPhone, with 2.36%. Nearly 17% of visitors do not have Java support.

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