How does one go about shipping a 65-pound box? Does FedEx have offices like the Post Office where I can mail it? Is it cool with them if I wheel the box in on a dolly?

I’m looking into trying to ship it from work, since UPS and FedEx will come to our offices to pick things up, whereas they probably will not come to my home. I tried to get an estimate, and accidentally discovered a useless bit of information: shipping a 1x1x1″ square box weighing 65 pounds, with a declared value of $1, from Boston to Chicago costs $26.27 via ground, and up to $267.60 to overnight it.

What I want to know is why FedEx thinks a 1x1x1″ box weighing 65 pounds—clearly a revolutionary scientific breakthrough—would be worth $1? Failing that, I’m curious about why they would assume a box weighing 65 pounds would measure 1x1x1″, and never ask me what its actual size is? Furthermore, I wonder if it’s even possible to ship a 1x1x1″ box? Could you fit all the information on it? Does anyone else really want to try?

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