Grapes of Wrath

I can’t say I’ve ever read Steinbeck, but based on a few Youtube videos, I’m pretty sure I get the idea.

The Grape Lady is probably one of the top 100 videos on Youtube, to the point that a local radio station sampled the sound she makes and I think I was with most listeners in cracking up, knowing exactly what it’s from. Sure, I feel kind of bad laughing, especially since it’s totally something I’d do. But her transformation from a professional newswoman to someone falling out of a pit of grapes and making sea lion sounds is astonishing.

If you take it as an isolated incident, it seems that it’s her, and not a vicious grape attack. But you begin to get the real picture of just how dangerous grapes are in a video aptly named Grape Safety Fail. The problem is that he fails basic grape safety: staying far, far away from grapes.

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