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PRQ is the Swedish company that hosts sites like The Pirate Bay and some of their affiliated sites, like free image hosting and so forth. It seems that The Pirate Bay benefits from a mix of strong consumer protection laws (so that it’s harder to crack down on hosting a torrent tracker, which doesn’t directly host anything illegal), along with a hosting company run by a team of lawyers who might give Alan Shore and Denny Crane a run for their money.

Google Translate helps translate their site (except that it continues to translate “SEK,” the Swedish Kronor, into “USD,” which makes understanding pricing very confusing), which reveals that they offer colocation starting around $60/month, with a 300GB monthly transfer cap, and VPN tunnels with no bandwidth cap starting at about $12/month. (Plus VAT, which appears to be 25%).

I don’t advocate illegal activity, and neither do they. But just thought I’d point out an interesting company.

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