November 4th

I really can’t wait. Not so much because it’s looking like Obama’s got it in the bag, but because I can’t stand the stuff going on.

For example, remember all the outrage about ACORN and voter fraud? ACORN is required by law to pass on every registration form they get, even those that they know are fraudulent. ACORN flagged most of the suspect ones as being apparently fraudulent when they sent them in. In other words, ACORN didn’t commit fraud; they flagged the fradulent applications they received, and submitted them as they were legally obligated to do.

Of course, that’s just twisting the facts as many politicians may. It’s not nearly as insiduous as this:

A new e-mail making the rounds among Jewish voters in Pennsylvania this week… equated a vote for Senator Barack Obama with the “tragic mistake” of their Jewish ancestors, who “ignored the warning signs in the 1930’s and 1940’s.”

[This message] had an unusually official provenance: It was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Republican Party’s “Victory 2008” committee.

The William Ayers ties were sort of grasping at straws. The tax stuff is kind of clever, even though Obama’s the one calling for tax cuts for the middle class. But comparing Obama to Hitler? Are you serious?

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