Today’s map at Electoral Vote shows something pretty insane: Florida and North Carolina are both slightly leaning blue, and Georgia is only slightly leaning red. All three are close, but history says that none of the three should be close.

Oh, and remember the big controversy about ACORN and fraudulent elections? I’ve since lost the link, but I found some articles talking about how they’re legally obligated to submit every application they receive, even the obviously fraudulent. So they did submit many fraudulent applications, because they’re required by law to do so, but what the Republican operatives aren’t mentioning is that it was ACORN that flagged them as apparently fraudulent or suspect.

Trivia: Obama’s strongest support (percentage-wise) comes from Washington DC, which gets 3 electoral votes. The latest poll is 82% Obama, 13% McCain. McCain only has more than 60% in two states: Utah (64%) and one I’d never have guessed: Idaho, at 62%. Of course, this says more about the closeness of the election than Obama’s lead: he, too, only has more than 60% in two states, one being DC (okay, pedantic note: yes, I know, it’s not a state), and the other being NY, where he leads 65% to 29%. In his home state, Obama leads 59 to 32%; McCain leads his home state 52 to 38.

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