ziproxy on Debian Etch

I’m posting this in the hopes that it’ll help someone who finds this via Google…

ziproxy, the compressing HTTP proxy, is no longer a Debian package, for reasons I haven’t seen explained. I found this out today when I went to install it, hoping to speed up web browsing from my cell phone.

I downloaded the latest beta from SourceForge, but the ./configure wouldn’t complete, spitting out all sorts of errors about not being able to find libgif or libungif… Here are the etch packages you’ll need:

  • flex
  • libungif4g-dev
  • libpng12-dev
  • libjpeg62-dev

The key is that you need the -dev versions, which I didn’t download at first. With those in place, configuration was a breeze. Then it’s just a ./configure; make && make install, and then you’re off to move /etc/ziproxy/ziproxy.conf.dpkg-new to /etc/ziproxy/ziproxy.conf, set it up as desired, and launch!

2 thoughts on “ziproxy on Debian Etch

  1. So maybe backports would have worked?

    I found that most of the slowness on my mobile phone is latency, not bandwidth, although ziproxy is very good at reducing bandwidth and thus speeding up load times on big pages.

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