It works!

It seems that everything is up and running.

I fully expect something, somewhere to be massively broken, I’m just not sure what is broken or where. Let me know as oddities pop up.

8 thoughts on “It works!

  1. Mr. T, I know you had problems with Windows Live Writer (I think?) in the past… I’m curious if the new version here fixes things for you? We should be on a shiny new version of PHP.

  2. Also, a LOT of people came to me asking for various little tweaks here and there, and I kept asking people to wait until I moved everything over. So if there’s something you wanted me to do… Let me know! 😉

  3. Argh, I’ll see if there’s an update and, if not, just apply the patch.

    Another one I found: the server’s time is set via NTP (from Dom0), but I never specified the time _zone_, so the server is keeping perfect time… for California.

  4. * Timezone, fixed.
    * Uploads, fixed.
    * WLW/external posting, waiting to see. (I upgraded from WPMU 2.5 to 2.6, which _should_ fix it… But if we’re talking about how things _should_ be, this problem never should have been…)

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