This is getting way too confusing. All along, someone said “Georgia” and I thought of the southern state. And then there was a war in Georgia with Russia, and I was just geographically-astute enough to know that they meant the country.

So that raged on for a while, and now, whenever I hear about something happening in Georgia, I think of the country.

So now, people in Georgia claim to have found Bigfoot. And I was thinking, their country is kind of insane-sounding. Like, one day most people have never heard of them. And then one day President Bush visits and someone hurls a grenade at him. But it’s apparently a dud, and no one notices until afterwards anyway… (Talk about failing at terrorism.) And then we all forget about the country again. And then Russia invades them, confusing everyone who both assumed that the news was talking about the US state, and that Russia was a nice country that wouldn’t go starting wars. And then their war ends. And then like the next day they find Bigfoot.

But it seems that it’s actually our Georgia that found Bigfoot.

*proud to be an American*

3 thoughts on “Georgia

  1. I just finished reading a series of books where the action takes place in Georgia the country so the country rather than the state is what comes to mind first a lot for me.
    I was very distressed at what I see as the weak reaction by the US to the Russian invasion BTW. I’m not that excited about Georgia and the breakaway areas but I am less thrilled with the idea of Russia rebuilding their empire. I don’t see that as a good thing at all.

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