Job Benefits, Creepy

One company’s job listing advertises the type of benefits its employees get… You know, health insurance, dental insurance, accidental death insurance…

Wait, what?

I suppose it’s actually a good thing, but I’m kind of left wondering what my odds of dying on the job there are?

3 thoughts on “Job Benefits, Creepy

  1. Couldn’t they just call that life insurance? Do they really need to clarify that if you kill yourself on purpose, you won’t get any money from the insurance policy?

  2. Accidental death insurance is different from life insurance. Accidental death usually means a death from an accident while working. For example a fatal car accident while driving to a client, the office building falling down on you, etc. It doesn’t mean getting sick and dieing which life insurance does cover. Accidental death insurance usually means more money than if you die of natural causes. Almost all life insurance policies exclude suicide BTW.

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