Is it just me, or has the “news” ceased to be…. new? I don’t really watch news on TV much, simply because I can justify sitting in front of the computer as being semi-productive, but if I sit down in front of the TV, I’m guaranteed to be 0% productive. Plus, I prefer the news online where I can get it from multiple sources, sometimes even primary sources.

But here’s the news I’m seeing:

  • Austria’s Fritzl, the guy who locked his daughter up in the basement for decades and fathered six of her children, is apparently mentally ill. This was immediately apparent to me, and the news article ceased to be “news” a few days ago.
  • The pregnant bank teller that was shot and had her baby die? Tragic, but it happened last week. You can’t run “follow-up stories.” It’s over.
  • Obama and Hillary are facing off in elections.
  • Some colleges allow male and female students to room together if they choose to. This has been a headline in GMail for about three days for me, and it wasn’t interesting the first time.
  • Zimbabwe’s elections are screwed up.
  • The Texas polygamist ranch. It’s a big issue, maybe, and has all sorts of implications. But I don’t care anymore!

Did nothing happen in the past few days?

One thought on “News

  1. The constant business “news” discussion about Microsoft and Yahoo is getting old quickly as well. The problem with that is that it is all over the web. Yawn.

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