Elections kind of got put on the back-burner during this awkwardly long waiting period, but Pennsylvania’s primary is on Tuesday.

Obama’s closing the gap, although Clinton still leads in Pennsylvania. But what people seem to forget is that it hardly matters: they’re close, which means that they’ll probably walk away with similar numbers of delegates. It’s also worth noting that if Hillary narrowly beats Obama, it would look foolish for her to claim it as her “comeback.”

I’ll certainly be watching Pennsylvania, but I don’t have high hopes for much of a change in Pennsylvania.

One thought on “Elections

  1. It really looks like the super delegates will make the final decision. If the two candidates finish up swapping wins by small amounts then neither has enough votes to win on the first ballot. Unless of course the super delegates decide to move in large numbers to one candidate or the other. This would not be a good thing IMHO. Well not good if you want to see a Democrat win the general election. It would make the party look like one of power brokers and insiders. Which of course they all are but generally they hide it better. 🙂

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