Nightmare Playgrounds

ExcerptMetaFilter, the parent component of my beloved Ask MetaFilter, is quickly earning its place as one of the sites I check daily.

A post there today links to a priceless photo gallery, Nightmare Playgrounds. They’re photos of actual playgrounds, surely designed by people who had disturbed childhoods and wanted to ensure that generations of children to follow would have the same.

What’s scary isn’t just the photos of the playgrounds… It’s that people actually thought it was a good idea to put these things in playgrounds. And that kids actually play at playgrounds with these freaky things in them.

One thought on “Nightmare Playgrounds

  1. The original post on MetaFilter, out of fairness. The conversation there is superb, too…

    “It would be worse, I think, to go for the antiseptic and uncontroversial and bland enough to be unremarkable and unoffensive to everybody route that characterizes US playgrounds.”

    “I have to say that I’ll take an antiseptic and uncontroversial playground over a statue of a woman bleeding from her eyes.”

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