The Most Awesome Thing…


Hulu. You can watch TV shows online. In (seemingly, I don’t know the exact resolution) high def. That’s pretty cool. Plus, it’s legal. Oh, and, the most important part: there’s no catch… It’s free. You sign up and watch TV shows.

With shows like Arrested Development, The Office (only 9 episodes right now), House (only 2 episodes), Psych (5), Monk (6), Journeyman (13), I Dream of Jeannie, National Geographic Presents, and…

Alright, you know what? I started listing the cool shows to write a nice, proper review. But the truth is, I really don’t want to write this anymore. I have 8 episodes of The Office, and an episode each of House and Psych to watch. And that’s just of the first four series I’ve listed. Paging through the list of shows to list the ones I love, I realized that I’d much rather be watching Hulu than writing about it.

So sign up and come join me in what might be the single biggest blow ever dealt to American productivity.

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