This is an odd story: some luxury homes were burned down and it’s been suggested that ELF was the culprit.

Okay, so that’s among the least-scary, most goofy acronyms I can imagine. But it stands for Earth Liberation Front, and it’s apparently a decentralized group of environmental arsoni… err, activists.

So I sought to find out a little more information about them. This may be their site. I say “may” because, although it’s full of news about the elves and that ELF is a decentralized group with no formal leadership, the title of the page is “Viagra Sample Packs” and the banner ad is for a swingers convention. It also reads like a page that’s lost its stylesheet? So overall I’m just totally confused.

Of course, this will get them the PR they want, but I’m left wondering if it really does any good. I now view them like PETA and Greenpeace, in that they have a good cause, but are so horrifically insane in carrying it out that no one takes them seriously. But if people already think you’re a bunch of loonies, having a webpage partially about your environmental conquests and partially about Viagra, with an ad for swingers clubs, really doesn’t help.

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