Super Tuesday Summary

I’ve got to get up early in the morning, so I’m going closing down early. A summary of tonight.

For the Republicans, I can simply say that McCain was the winner tonight. This isn’t to say that he’s won the official nomination, just that he won most states tonight.

For the Democrats, results were all over the place, and varied.

Hillary Clinton took:

  • California (my projection)
  • Arizona
  • New Jersey
  • Massachusetts
  • New York (57% to 40%)
  • Tennessee
  • Arkansas (73% to 24%)
  • Oklahoma (55% to 31%)

Barack Obama took:

  • Utah
  • Alaska (my projection)
  • Colorado (2:1)
  • Idaho (by a huge 80% to 18% per CNN)
  • Minnesota (2;1)
  • Connecticut (close! 50% to 47%)
  • Kansas (73% to 27%)
  • North Dakota (61-37%)
  • Alabama (fairly close)
  • Delaware (fairly close)
  • Illinois (65% to 33%)
  • Georgia (66-32)

And some are too close to call right now:

  • New Mexico (a weak Hillary lead, but only 1% is in)
  • Missouri: with 98% reporting, they’re neck-and-neck in both parties

I’m biased (I’m posting this wearing an Obama T-shirt, on a laptop with an Obama sticker on it, with an Obama sticker in my window), but I’d say the winner of the night was Obama. The polls I’d seen left me expecting Hillary to take most states, but I was confident that the way we award delegates would keep Obama in the running. Obama has taken the majority of the states, some by a surprising majority.

2 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Summary

  1. States don’t mean as much as delagates. I think we’ll have to wait until morning for the final count there. I don’t think either Clinton or Obama knocked the other out though. And when it comes to evaluating candidates in the other primaries people are likely to pay more attention to state counts. We’ll see.

    I think McCain did win big tonight. Still a lot to come and Huckabee won more than I expected. Romney did not do as well as I expected. I expected him to be second to McCain in states where McCain won and that often did not happen. Even if Romney winds up with more delagates than Huckabee I think that Huckabee has ruined Romney’s chances to get the nomination.

  2. I don’t think either Clinton or Obama knocked the other out though.

    I agree. I think it’s going to be very close when the dust settles in the next few days. I’m left excited that Obama might just pull this off.

    I think McCain did win big tonight.

    I’m pretty confident he’s going to get the party nomination after tonight. Still a lot of states to go, but if they don’t change much…

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