Super Tuesday Results

Not a lot of results are in, but based on exit polls, people are predicting:

  • Obama takes Illinois (his home state) and Georgia
  • Clinton takes her home state of New York, as well as Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Arkansas (another Clinton home)

86% of Delaware (home to… lots of corporations) is reporting, with Obama ahead 51% to 44%

9:22: Kansas and Tennessee are both right around 15% reporting, but Clinton has an overwhelming lead in both (74:26% and 59:30%, respectively.)

9:26: Alabama has only 18% in, but Obama has 67% right now. MSNBC just called it.

9:28: 58% for Hillary, to 38% for Obama, in Massachusetts per MSNBC. I’m not sure if they called it, but I would.

On the Red side, Arkansas has been called by CNN for Huckabee (59% to McCain’s 23%), even though only 4% of precincts are reporting.

9:30: West Virginia’s quick… 100% in. Huckabee won with 52%, to Romney’s 47%. Massachusetts has also been called by CNN for Romney, 52% to McCain’s 40%.

9:33: MSNBC has called New York, New Jersey, and Illinois for McCain. Alabama is 40$ McCain, 38% Huckabee, but MSNBC is calling it for Huckabee. He’s got 59% in Arkansas.

In Georgia, MSNBC is calling it a three-way tie right now for the Republicans.

9:36: Idaho has only 9% in, but is showing Obama leading overwhelmingly (73% to 23%). He has a more narrow lead in North Dakota, 54% to 43%, with 26% reporting.

9:40: Connecticut is close, but Obama leads 50% to 48% right now, with 43% of the results in. No one’s daring to call it one way or the other right now.

9:41: A compatriot reports that Boylston, MA went for Ron Paul.

9:43: Howard Dean, interviewed live on MSNBC, has just called Romney “The candidate of change. He’s changed his mind on almost every single issue.”

9:47: Tennessee, reported on MSNBC and CNN, has closed down some polling locations as a tornado blew through Kentucky and Tennessee.

10:05: MSNBC suggests that Obama’s leading in Utah. I haven’t seen results yet, though.

10:10: Huckabee is speaking live now, and is talking about how he’ll be in office in under a year, and how much he looks forward to putting his “Out of Business” sign on the IRS.

10:19: Well Kansas has sure changed. 64% are in; Obama’s winning 72% to 28% now, and MSNBC has projected it for him.

10:24: MSNBC is saying Barack and Hillary have 6 states each right now.

10:25: CNN’s exit poll data for Massachusetts suggests an overwhelming female turnout, 58 to 42%, in the Democrat primary. It was almost the exact opposite in the Republican primary, 57% male to 43% female.

10:27: 72% in, but MSNBC has called for Obama in Connecticut, 50% to 47%.

10:32: Minnesota is Obama’s, 64% to to 34% right now.

10:43: Huckabee’s taken Georgia, per MSNBC.

10:44: Very few results are in from Colorado yet, but Obama has a sizable lead there right now, 65% to Hillary’s 34%.

11:02: North Dakota, per MSNBC, is Romney’s. Minnesota is going to Romney so far, but Ron Paul surprised me by getting 16%. More interestingly, 21% in North Dakota went for Ron Paul, too.

11:11: California’s been closed for 11 minutes. Results haven’t really come in yet in numbers. MSNBC shows Obama as having taken 11 states thus far, whereas Clinton has only taken 6.

11:17: Arizona went to Clinton. California’s being led by Clinton right now, but there are so few results that it’s still showing 0%.

11:20: California’s at 2%, but early results are that Clinton has a strong lead (57% Obama, 32% Obama, Edwards has a surprising 9% of the vote… Good for someone not even in the race.) On the other side, McCain has a very strong lead over Romney.

11:25: Now Obama has 10 states, Hillary 7. Not sure where the error lies. Of course it’s too early.

12:05: Alaska’s coming in, and Obama’s winning by a landslide! Missouri’s incredibly close.

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