There was a whole round of new polls yesterday. Notice anything different? Polls are notoriously inaccurate, but Obama, just a week ago 10 points behind Hillary, is suddenly on top. As is pointed out on the site, we can’t rely too heavily on polls. But if a candidate is trailing pretty far in the polls and, in a week’s time, ends up as the front-runner, it’s a promising sign.

As an aside, they don’t show Richardson in the polls, but I’d be very interested to see how he’s done in the past week. He did great in last night’s debate: if I was an undecided I may well have latched onto him.

One thought on “Polls

  1. Being from New York works against Clinton in NH I think. I also think that a lot of transplants from MA would like to show that they are as color blind as MA voters and that works for Obama. Plus I think Obama really did better than Clinton in the last debate. That and his speech after Iowa have made him look much more Presidential. I have to say I was impressed with him.

    Things look interesting. In many states Rudy has huge leads but he’s doign very poorly in NH. Huckabee is often third, rarely higher. It’s starting to look like it may be a four way race after all. I don’t think NH is going to change that. Super Duper Tuesday might. Huckabee did very well in the last debate I thought. That and any better than expected showing in NH could help him. Too little too late? Perhaps.

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