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  1. Curious… I had no idea what you were referring to. I started up IE, and sure enough, the image that I’d put there for 15 seconds or so as a joke displayed.

    The CSS file reads:

    background: #FFFFFF url(images/img06.gif);
    #background: #FFFFFF url(../tiling.gif);

    With img06.gif being the ‘real’ background, and tiling.gif being the joke one. I commented it out when so that it wouldn’t display. Of course now that I look at it # isn’t the proper way to CSS comments.

    Moral of the story: test things in multiple browsers! I just removed that line entirely, since it didn’t need to be there anyway.

  2. Yep testing under multiple browsers is soemthing I first learned back during the Netscape/IE “browser wars.” It’s easy enough to forget but I actually think it is as important now as it ever was. I’ve been looking at the stats for visits to my various web sites and there is a lot of variety out there. Several different versions of IE, Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Opera and others. The percentages of Firefox and IE are both pretty high so at least testing both of those is probably the minimun you can get away with these days.

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