The news lately has been pretty surreal. By “lately” I mean the past few years.  For example, who would ever think that:

  • NASA would spend $8 million to discover just how often passenger airliners almost collide, and then refuse to release the results to as to not alarm people.
  • Our President would veto a children’s health care plan and say he did it to show that he was still relevant.
  • Our Vice President would almost always be in “an undisclosed location” and declare that he’s not bound by rules for the executive or legislative branch.
  • Our Vice President would shoot someone in the face.
  • One of the defense companies in Iraq would constantly get itself into deeper and deeper trouble.
  • People would begin shooting each other over a football game.
  • A conservative Senator would be arrested for soliciting gay prostitutes in an airport bathroom, and accidentally plead guilty.
  • Colbert, a “fake new anchor,” would announce his candidacy for President, and solicit the aforementioned conservative senator as his running mate, and articles would wonder whether or not he was being serious.
  • A fictional character would be outed as a homosexual, causing worldwide controversy.

Really, I’m not sure anything could hit the news and not surprise me these days?

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