Trust/Don’t Trust The Government

My Dad used to tell a story about a preacher and an old woman in the congregation.

The preacher started off preaching about the evils of gambling and the little old lady yelled out “Amen Brother.”

He railed against the evils of drink and the little old lady yelled out “Amen Brother.”

He denounced the evils of smoking and the little old lady yelled out “Amen Brother.”

He started in on the evils a snuff and the little old lady yelled out “Now brother you have moved from preaching to meddling!”

So it is with politics especially today. The government is either helping make the world safer or meddling in what should be private affairs depending on which side you are on an issue. be it global warming, gun control same sex marriage, abortion, copyright infringement, and just about anything else. The same government is evil when it sides with “the other guy” and good when it is on your side. People tell others to “trust the government to protect you” on one issue and “the government is out of control” on others.

People want it both ways. It doesn’t work that way. Sooner or later the more power the people had the government the more power the government wants and takes. At some point either a government become totalitarian or the people say “enough” and start taking power back from the government.

It seems to me that a lot of people agree that business/the rich/how ever you want to categorize them have too much government control. And yet those same people have no problem with the rich funding candidates that they believe in. Obama did not win without a lot of rich people funding his campaign. Was the balance different for him than for Romney? I have to ask “does it matter?” because I don’t think it does. He, and just about every other elected person at the national level and many state levels, is really too beholding to the rich and powerful.

I don’t see a peaceful resolution. I wish I did but I don’t. The country is too divided on too many issues. Division favors the united and for now that means the rich and powerful.

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  1. Quentin Lewis says:

    If the government were SMALLER and held less power, then it would matter LESS how much money were given by any particular person……so the more an entity has authority over our lives, the more those influencing that entity have over us too…..why don’t we strive for a higher level of self-sufficiency… least at lower and lower levels. If we give power to local government, at least those grabbing for power there are likely local, accessable to us.

    My solution….less central control and more individual responsibility. (freedom)

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