Don’t Hide The Non Default Options

I’ve been in a couple of airports which a certain company sponsors free wi-fi. When you sign in there is a nice welcome page letting you know this. So far so good. But then you have two options. One, with a really big clear button, says accept conditions and connect to the Internet. Pressing this button changes your home page to this company’s home page. If you don’t want this you can still get on but you have to click a different, much smaller link that doesn’t look at all like the other button. Who knows how many people get this new home page even though they really don’t want this. I think this is mildly evil.

Of course a lot of software does similar things by having such things as defaults. It aggravates me but this case is particularly bothersome because of how unobvious the change is. Not that I am a fan of the other software either.

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