Questions Keeping Me Awake

I can’t sleep. My mind is racing with questions. Perhaps if I write them down they will leave me alone.

First one. Childhood obesity is a problem right? Have you ever been in a school cafeteria and seen the people who work there? An awful lot of them seem to be over weight and even a lot morbidly obese. And these are the people we trust to help students eat right and keep their weight under control? Does that strike anyone else as disconcerting? Oh and what is the percentage of teachers who are overweight or obese?

Speaking of schools – why is no one talking about parental or student responsibility in the matter of education? Does no one think they have a role?

Legislatures want to pay teachers based on performance right? How about we pay legislatures based on performance? No pay without a balanced budget for example. Or we pay them based on the percentage they vote with the majority. Obviously if they are doing a good job solving problems there will be a lot of bi partisan agreement.

While I’m at it, does is strike anyone else that being an attorney and being a member of a legislature is an inherent conflict of interest and should be banned?

If the people of Afghanistan and Iraq are benefiting from democracy why are US military doing most of the fighting? Shouldn’t the Iraqi and Afghan people doing most of it? If there are not enough Afghans willing to fight and defeat the Taliban why should we be doing it? Let’s let them rebuild the county. It should take them a while before they are done with that enough to bother us again. Likewise let the Iraqi people spend all their energy fighting each other and trying to fix their country? If they want a democracy wonderful! If they want a dictatorship shouldn’t that be their choice? After all we let the Saudis have one. As long as they leave us alone who cares.

Does anyone really believe that either the Israelis or the Palestinians want a peaceful solution? After all this time they should have been able to work one out. But no they each make totally unacceptable demands of the other. I see no sign that they are tired of fighting. Sure some people are but there do not seen to be enough of them to change anything. And why is it the US’s job to bring them together? Do we somehow have more of in interest in Middle East peace than people who actually live there?

Is anyone else starting to think of Walmart as China’s retail outlet in the US? Is this a good thing?

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