Good News At Last

Like a lot of people I have alerts set so that I am notified when my name comes up on the Internet. (Please tell me I am not alone.) I think it is good practice because I know that a lot of people look me up because of my job. While I don’t have a very common first name my last name is common enough that people with the same first and last name do show up on the Internet besides me. Several of them, sadly to say, for criminal activity. I suspect that almost everyone has someone with the same name who gets into trouble. I keep hoping that someone with my name will make the news for something good. And today it happened.

In the UK a man named Alfred Thompson stopped an armed (with a knife) robbery and held the criminal for police. (Story here) Mr. Thompson I salute you. Not sure I’d have the courage to do the same but I do appreciate you bringing honour to our name. Thanks.

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